This tutorial is very outdated. You can no longer attach event handlers or triggers to avatars. In order to trigger sounds on your avatar, use an Override Controller and an animation. See EvolvedAnt's tutorial on Override Controllers for a great guide.

Getting StartedEdit

  • The most preferred audio format is .ogg since it is the most compressed while maintaining decent audio quality.
  • Your desired audio file must be in the asset folder before beginning

Audio Triggering in UnityEdit

  • Have your avatar ready and you will need to add 3 components
    • Audio Source
    • VRC_Event Handler
    • VRC_Key Events
  • Here are the settings for them below:

  • For "Key" Choose any appropriate keybind but remember that most people on laptops do not have a numpad so you would want to stay away from those options.
  • Once that is done you are ready to export your avatar!

Made by Haczar