We are going to use the sample room and add two very important features: Voice and Chat

Components NeededEdit

  • VRC_Event Handler
  • VRC_Player Mods


  1. In Unity, Select the root item that contains your entire level in the hierarchy. In this example, I named my root "Main"
  2. In the inspector, you want to add two components: (VRC_Event Handler & VRC_Player Mods)
  3. Your Event Handler should look like this:
  4. Under VRC_Player Mods select "Add Mod" and next to "Mods" Select "Jump" and "Add Mod" and do it again for "Voice"
  5. The default value for jump is 4 you can increase/decrease for greater/lesser jumping height
  6. The default value for "TalkDistance" is 20 you can increase/decrease for greater/lesser vrchat voice range
  7. It is preferable to have "is3dMode" checked as this means the voices will be spatial and will decrease in volume the further you are from the person speaking
  8. Lastly make sure the "isRoomPlayerMods" checkbox is checked. This ensures the mods will be used by all upon entering your world
  9. Your final VR_Player Mods component should look like this:
Screenshot (27)