In this Tutorial you will learn how to create a basic teleporter

Getting StartedEdit

In this tutorial we used:

  1. Unity 5.3.4.p1
  2. VRChat SDK

Unity Teleporter CreationEdit

This is assuming you already have a world created.

  1. Place an asset into your scene and [add it to where you would like in the hierarchy (optional)].
  2. Select your asset in the scene until you see a visible mesh on your asset.
  3. Create a collider (I suggest a box collider) using Add Component in the Inspector.
  4. Choose Edit collider and scale it to fit the asset.
  5. Go to Add Component again, this time a VRC_Trigger.
  6. From the drop-down on VRC_Trigger, choose "OnInteract" and push Add. Leave the rest as it is.
  7. Expand the drop-down arrow to the left of OnInteract and push the "+" below Actions. Choose TeleportPlayer.
  8. Select the = to the left of TeleportPlayer.
  9. Under Receivers, you need a destination for this teleportation. Create an empty game object (GameObject > Create Empty) and title it accordingly, like "TeleDestination". Place it in the world where you would like the tele to arrive. Aim a bit over the destination so falling through the world is lessened. Add this to the Receiver.
  10. [Optional] You may need to have a VRC_Special Layer component as well on the object, set to Interactive.